Mutare Kiteboards

THIS BOARD IS SIC! Designed by ex pro-water skier, Brett Peach ( A regular designer WHO GOT SIC OF PAYING THE EXTRA AIRLINE BOARD FEES ). Progeni kite board equipment has revolutionised the sport.


This foldable kiteboard rocks, literally! Ride it flat for a sweet slide, or put it on edge for massive water, AND PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST UPWIND ANGLES. The Progeni kiteboard will give you all the action you are looking for. It’s light, it’s well priced, it’s super strong, it looks like a work of art, it rides like a dream, and best of all: IT FITS INTO A RUCKSAC!!


Forget screws and tools - THIS BOARD CLIPS TOGETHER ( IN SECONDS! ).


You will wonder why you ever put up with the hassle before. This concept of adjustable kiteboarding equipment makes getting to sites hassle free, IT’S THE NEW WAY!


You’ll be cruising with the adventure sport Progeni kiteboard. Experience great performance, high speeds and exhilarating freedom. Contact us today and make a lifestyle choice that you will not regret!

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Kiteboard Tips

Mutare Kiteboard Tips

Made from pre-impregnated epoxy carbon fibre Skins, with Cnc machined high density foam cores.

Kiteboard Fins

Mutare Kiteboard Fins

38mm Fins Cnc machined from Aluminium billet. Aluminium Fin insert sleeves in Progeni kite board equipment prevent you from crushing the board when fitting Fins.

Kiteboard C12

Mutare Kiteboard C-12

All threaded inserts for Progeni kiteboarding equipment are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel and cast into Resin support blocks, ensuring you never pull an insert out.